Review of OptiMonk with ActiveCampaign

Over the years I’ve used several popup tools to capture website leads. Popups aren’t new and many tools have come, and some have gone.

I was recently searching for a solution for a client who offers amazing sports travel packages that generate lots of website traffic. They have the opportunity to significantly increase their email opt-ins as well as gather sports and experience interest info for new & existing contacts that will allow them to better recommend travel packages. Most of my clients use ActiveCampaign so getting emails and richer info about their contacts is only half the battle – but you need the emails in the 1st place.

My bias is to start searching for tools compatible with ActiveCampaign via their apps / integrations. While I love Zapier I prefer to do direct integrations when possible.

One of the tools I found during my search was OptiMonk and I have to say I’m really impressed. OptiMonk describes itself as an on-site messaging toolkit used to improve conversions. I summarize it as an easy-to-use tool to quickly get started capturing more emails and data on your website.

One thing I realized is that it is very helpful to have an account to make sure that the product actually does what the client needs. I created an OptiMonk account and was able to create several examples that helped the client see what it would look like on their website.

I’ve added several LIVE examples on my website so you can see how they work right here!

OptiMonk examples LIVE on my website:

Click to view Newsletter signup / sticky bar.

Click to view Popup with custom field via drop-down selection.

Click to view Popup with text input field.

Nothing to click, but when you go to exit this page, you should get an Exit intent popup

Here’s what I really like about OptiMonk:

  • Works well with ActiveCampaign. Good integration, easy to connect – and you don’t have to do a new integration each time you create a campaign. You will want to update lists / tags / fields but no having to go find your API info again.
  • Works well with WordPress. Simple to add to my site.
  • Custom fields – pretty much any type of custom input data you want to collect, you can.
  • Robust free plan – you can get started for free with virtually everything you need. Site traffic will determine when you start paying unless you need some really fancy features.

Here are my OptiMonk wish list items (note that I will add notes as I run into new things I’d like to change or add):

  • Custom field selections where I can just copy and paste the list of choices for drop-down. When you’ve got a list of 32 NFL teams to add, it would be great to add them all at once, vs. painstakingly adding one-by-one. That being said, I’m willing to bet most people don’t add more then 3-5 choices, so I’m a fringe case.

Tools To Compare OptinMonk with:

Here’s the thing – I love martech. It is rare that I will dislike a tool, but there are definitely tools I will like better for myself, or for clients use cases. I’ve used all of these and wouldn’t discourage you from any of them. If you want my specific advice if you are comparing OptiMonk to one of these others listed, and at some point the future I may add a comparison table – but keep in mind, it would just be my comparison criteria.

  • Wisepops
  • OptinMonster
  • JustUno

Do I recommend OptiMonk for use with ActiveCampaign?

Yes. A hearty yes. Start with the free plan and get OptiMonk up and running ASAP. You’ll regret all the contacts and contact data you missed before.

Click below to get started with OptiMonk.

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